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Finding an excellent vocal coach can be a daunting task. It's vital that you work with a teacher you love, and who's the very best at what he or she does. Yet, there are thousands of teachers to choose from.

So why choose Ron?

Ron Shetler is not only considered a master teacher of singing in the industry, he's known as a pioneer.   His revolutionary approach to singing has ignited the careers of countless artists and has rescued the voices of numerous Broadway stars.

Quite simply, what Ron offers is completely unique, blending a powerful, proprietary technique rooted in science with an intimate knowledge of Broadway performing and the industry connections that help actors work.  Add to that 28 years of teaching at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre and a deep love for his students, Ron Shetler is hard to match.

Unlike any other teacher in the world, Ron Shetler offers his clients a vast range of benefits that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

  • A Proprietary Technique Rooted in Science
  • A Gifted Teacher
  • The Hands-on Know-How of Broadway Performing
  • The Experience of Working with Legends
  • A Vital Connection to the Industry
  • A Place to Rehearse and Save
  • An Active History in the Arts Communitt

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A Proprietary Technique Rooted in Science
The Shetler Technique is the result over 42 years of research and development.  Originating with the fundamentals of opera and complemented with intense scientific study, The Shetler Technique evolved in response to the vocally-strenuous demands of Ron’s Broadway career.

Upon receiving his Bachelor’s of Music there, Ron decided to enter the world of musical theatre and continued his study privately with some of the industry’s most legendary singers and teachers:

  • Robert Weede, well-known in the opera world and for originating the role of Tony in Broadway’s THE MOST HAPPY FELLA and Phil in MILK AND HONEY (father of "talking on pitch" or "speech level singing")
  • The Julliard School of Music’s legendary, Oren Brown, considered a pioneer in the field of vocal technique and therapy
  • Also, extended conversations over dinner plus interactions at my studios with Seth Riggs (also a student of Robert Weede) and vocal coach of over 120 grammy winners, including Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder and Anita Baker.

It was during his transition from opera to musical theatre, particularly to rock-style shows like HAIR & JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, that Ron found it necessary to develop a new way of singing that would accommodate their vocally strenuous music in a healthy way.  But since there were no teachers teaching this style of music at the time, Ron turned to intense medical study of the voice and the physics of air and sound to develop a safe yet simple way to survive the vocal rigors of the new music genre.

His technique was tremendously successful; so successful that others soon began to notice the difference and began asking him how he was doing it.  In an effort to help them learn his technique, Ron developed a series of clearly defined and effortless breathing and vocal exercises, refined over the years into what is now known as the Shetler Singing Technique.

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A Gifted Teacher
Not everyone can teach.  Most likely, you’ve experienced a brilliant mind or two that simply do not have the ability to share that knowledge in a way others can understand.

Ron is different. And 28 years as the singing instructor and musical theatre director at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre along with hundreds of satisfied students, of all levels, can attest to it.

Best of all, Ron has a warmth and compassion his students treasure, which it’s why it’s no surprise to see them stop by for a visit at his studio.

The Hands-on Know-How of Broadway Performing
Ron’s not just a guy who teaches performance, he’s lived it. Having had an active 15-year professional career as a musical theatre performer and actor, Ron has developed the intimate know-how that combines the art of acting with singing to deliver truthful, compelling performances.

During his career, Ron starred in three Broadway shows, earned Actor’s Equity and SAG status, and performed in 15 national and regional tours. He also performed in his own band, released an album with legendary jazz guitarist Herb Ellis, composed a film score for Roger and Julie Corman at New Word Pictures, and starred in the cult classic horror film, “I Spit on Your Grave”.

Since his departure from performing in 1980, Ron shifted focus to teaching and directing.  To-date, he has directed or produced over eighty shows, revues, cabaret acts, recordings and videos.

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The Experience of Working with Legends
Some of the best learning we get from those we work with on the job.  Through Ron’s performing career, he has worked and learned from hundreds of professionals, including a number of recognizable names:


Milton Berle
Marcia Milgrom
John Casales Teddy Neeley
Joan Copeland
Marti Rolf
Catherine Cox Anthony Teague
Lola Falana Phillip Thomas
Estelle Harris Bobby Van
Rosalind Harris Ben Vereen
Lillian Hayman
Charles Weldon
Camille Keaton
Walter Willison
Hector Mercado  


Gower Champion – Rock-a-bye-Hamlet
Donald Driver – Your Own Thing
Neil Kenyan – Dames at Seas
Donny McHale – Dr. Jazz
Tom O’Horgan - Hair
Andre Serban - Agamemnon


Leonard Bernstein
Buster Davis
Keith Hermann
Richard Maltby & David Shire
Galt McDermott
James Rado & Jerome Ragny
Joseph Styne


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A Vital Connection to the Industry
In addition to his teaching career, Ron has owned and operated his own rehearsal studio and theatrical complex.  Shetler Studios and Theatres is an upscale theatrical complex in New York’s famed theatre district, just down the street from the legendary Studio 54 and around the corner from the Steven Colbert show.  The business rents studio and theatre space to a wide range of clients from Broadway shows to student showcases, supporting creative projects from auditions through rehearsals to full performance.  As a result of this business, Ron has spent over 40 years, cultivating relationships with an expansive network of casting professionals, producers and directors.

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A Place to Rehearse and Save
Because Ron is so committed to his student’s success, he offers discounted rehearsal space at Shetler Studios and Theatres

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An Active History in the Arts Community
At various points throughout his career, Ron has been an active member in a multitude of reputable arts membership organizations, most notably in the New York Singing Teacher’s Association, where he served as a Board Member and Chairman of The Musical Theatre Committee, and with the International Voice Foundation, where he presented and maintains an active membership.

Ron has also served as a member of:

  • Actors Equity Association
  • Screen Actors Guild
  • The National Association of Teachers of Singing
  • American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
  • American Guild of Variety Artists
  • New York Chapter of the Musician’s Union Local 802


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Ron Shetler aka Eron Tabor Performance History

  • OKLAHOMA! (Chaffee College) - Curley
  • FINIAN'S RAINBOW(Chaffee College) - Woody
  • LA TRAVIATA (University of Redlands) - Alfredo Germont
  • THE MAGIC FLUTE (University of Redlands) - Papageno
  • CAMELOT (University of Redlands) - King Arthur
  • THE MOST HAPPY FELLA (Palm Springs) - Joey
  • PRINCESS IDA (San Francisco) - King Hildebrand
  • H.M.S. PINAFORE (San Francisco) - Captain
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS (Oakland) - Fitzwilliam Darcy
  • TOM PAINE (San Francisco) - Major Domo
  • THE FANTASTICKS (San Francisco) - El Gallo

When I joined Actor's Equity I changed my name to Eron Tabor to avoid acute embarrassment for my Mennonite parents who were distressed by my choice of career as an entertainer.

  • YOUR OWN THING (San Francisco, Donald Driver-director) - Apocalypse
  • DAMES AT SEA (San Francisco, Neal Kenyon-director) - standby for: Dick
  • HAIR (San Francisco, Tom O'Horgan-director 2 year run) - Claude
  • ERON TABOR (Album with Herb Ellis & Oscar Castro Neves) - Vocalist
  • HAIR (Broadway, Tom O'Horgan-last six months original run) - Claude
  • JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (Tour, Betty Sperber Prods) - Pontius Pilate
  • TWO-BY-TWO (Tour, starring Milton Berle) - Ham
  • MASS (By Leonard Bernstein, LA-Mark Taper Forum) - Blues Piano Player
  • CANDY STRIPED NURSES (Film Score, New World Films) - Composer

At this point in time I began teaching singing and fully developing The Shetler Technique which I was already using for my own performance career.

  • MENAGE (A vocal group that performed at LA clubs) - One of 3 Lead Vocalists
  • PLAYBOY MAGAZINE (May 1973-Occult layout) - Nude Model
  • DR. JAZZ (Broadway, Donnie McHale-director) - understudy for Dr. Jazz
  • ONE CENT PLAIN (Off-Broadway) - David
  • AGAMEMNON (Lincoln Center & Delacorte, Andre Serban-director) - Paris
  • JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (Poughkeepsie, NY) - Judas
  • ROCK-A-BYE HAMLET (Broadway, Gower Champion-dir.) - Musical Coordinator
  • STARTING HERE, STARTING NOW (Tour, Richard Maltby-director) - The Man
  • DAY OF THE WOMAN (Feature film) aka I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE - Johnny
  • FUNNY GIRL (Elmsford, NY) - Nick Arnstein

After FUNNY GIRL, I stopped going to auditions and started teaching full time.  I thereafter became the Singing Instructor & Musical Theatre Director in 1983 at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre and continued for 28 years before retiring.  I am currently continuing to teach privately at Shetler Studios & Theatres which I founded in 1990.  Over the past 32 years I've edited and directed some 60 to 70 shows as well as produced several albums and many night club acts.

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