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Rooted in over 35 years of scientific research and development, the Shetler Technique is a proprietary system that Ron pioneered to manage the vocally strenuous demands of his own Broadway career in an effortless manner.

The technique is free of manipulation allowing the voice to respond fully without tension. It leads you to a place where goals are achieved effortlessly and the voice is free to realize unimaginable  range, fullness and sound quality, all with never before experienced comfort and ease.
There are three programs to choose from, each which focus on a specific aspect of The Shetler Technique:

Level 1:  Singing Made Easy
Level 2:  Effortless Singing
Level 3:  Vocal Freedom

While each program is customized to adapt to the student’s own unique needs, Ron begins by assessing which of three baseline programs are right for each student at the time of evaluation.

So which program is right for you?

Select the type of performer you are and find out.



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I’m an actor or dancer who wants the job but is afraid to sing at the audition.
I’m a solid singer who wants to book the job but doesn’t.
I’m a professional singer who's ready to take the leap to stardom.
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Singing Made Easy

Singing is nothing to fear. If you can talk, you can sing.

Singing Made Easy will prove it. The fact is that singing is nothing more than talking on pitch, and it’s as easy as painting by numbers.

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Effortless Singing

Singing well simply isn’t enough these days to book the job.  It’s singing with high quality consistently that sets you apart from the pack.

Effortless Singing produces a quality in your voice that is not only professional, it can be delivered consistently, no matter what obstacle you face.  And we do it in a way that is absolutely effortless.

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Vocal Freedom

Sure, some stars are discovered overnight, but those who endure are obsessed with refining the tiniest of details to perfect their craft.  They define the word artist.

Pure Vocal Freedom focuses on the details that stretch your talent beyond what you ever dreamed possible, to a place where the full power and beauty of your voice is effortlessly released and the artist within you revealed.

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