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If you’re considering Pure Vocal Freedom, congratulations.  You have clearly achieved a great deal of success in your career already.  So...

  • Are you ready for more?
  • Do you want to catapult your career towards stardom?
  • Do you long to be the buzz of the industry, that sought-after talent whose mere name draws an audience of fans?

For some, that kind of success is luck, a happy coincidence of chance.  For most, it’s not.  In my over 30 years of experience, I have found that the performers who enjoy long, prosperous careers have one thing in common.

Obsessive Passion

The truly successful are obsessed with refining the tiniest of details to perfect their craft.  They see themselves as much more than singers.  They are artists, whose souls are deeply fulfilled from the honest self-expression they achieve in song.

Building on Level 2, Vocal Freedom focuses on the subtle nuances of the voice and the details of technique that will stretch your talent beyond what you ever dreamed possible.  We will explore and expand your voice to its maximum potential so that it may flourish in any circumstance with absolute ease.  We will take it to a place called “vocal freedom”, where singing is so effortless and joyful that the world can’t stop but take notice, a place where the true artist within you is revealed.

To achieve it, a disciplined daily routine of proper sleep, diet, and exercise is required.  You will engage in nearly daily vocal workouts and behavioral modification that eliminates self-sabotaging thoughts and actions. Rather than deprive the body, this regime fuels it with life-affirming and positive forces that create balance and an optimal environment for consistent creative excellence.

Take a look at some of the techniques you’ll learn.

What We’ll Work On

Maintaining the coordinative skills of Levels 1 & 2

Extending the vocal range to the maximum capacity for both high and low notes while maintaining evenness of timbre throughout the range

Adding maximum flexibility to the laryngeal musculature, giving complete dexterity to the sound production

Eliminating any difficulties navigating passages in songs that require detailed adjustment to maintain consistency of sound production

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How We’ll Do It

Daily breathing exercises and more advanced vocal exercises

Long vocal runs while maintaining the larynx position and shape of the articulators and resonating chambers

Accelerated vocal runs to the point that the voice is absolutely tension free everywhere and at all times

Isolating phrases and sections to determine what needs to be altered and how to implement those modifications


Don’t think for one minute that you’ve reached your peak.  Your potential is unlimited.  And we firmly believe that the Vocal Freedom program will lead you to places you never dreamed you would go.


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