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Not only did I win first place at a singing contest last Saturday, the guy running the contest has an entertainment company and asked me to sing at one his gigs. They loved me so much, I am now singing every week there.  

I’m so excited!  People are really noticing me!

Susyn Timko

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  • Are you tired of getting the call back and not booking the job?
  • Do you fear a vocal issue limits your true potential?
  • Do you lack the polish that will set you apart from your competition?  

In my experience, the main obstacle facing singers who aspire to work professionally often centers around a lack of consistency in vocal quality.

Whether you’re embracing a new style of music or simply aren’t getting the work you want, the Effortless Singing program can help.  Building on the techniques of Level 1, Effortless Singing focuses on building consistency in whatever style of music you seek.  Primarily, it focuses on addressing two key challenges:

  • Building a smooth, connected and effortless transition between the chest and head voice
  • Learning to nail high notes with such ease that you can do it consistently, with confidence and laser-point accuracy

How it works is easy. We begin with a consultation to understand what your vocal issues are.  We then implement a rigorous and fun exercise program to resolve them.

What We’ll Work On

Maintaining the release and balance accomplished in Level I

Achieving a tension free throat
Allowing the voice to respond fully throughout the passaggio

Producing a through-line of sound that is effective and consistent throughout your range

Using the resonating spaces fully to control vocal quality and timbre with a feeling of effortlessness

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How We’ll Do It

Daily breathing and more advanced vocal exercises

Exercises that lower the larynx and extend and vary the positions of the throat and mouth

Exercises that develop and utilize a vocal “edge” to give the sound clarity and projection

Exercises that adjust the larynx, mouth, tongue and articulators to create “The Coupled System,” where the voice regenerates itself with singer’s formants and overtones


The truth is there’s no reason to let anything limit your life’s ambition.  All talent is learned.  And I am 100% confident that EFFORTLESS SINGING will move you closer to your goal with grace and ease.



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