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  • Do you avoid auditions because they might ask you to sing?
  • Do you rock the audition but dread the singer’s callback?
  • Are you afraid to sing in public because you worry you can’t?

Talking on Pitch
Don’t worry.
If you can talk, you can sing.

The fact is that singing is nothing
more than talking on pitch.

I developed the Singing Made Easy program at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre with the sole purpose of teaching actors and dancers, with little to no singing experience, how to sing with quality and confidence.  And I made it as simple as painting by numbers.

I’m so excited. On the way out, they said “And you can sing!” I couldn’t have done this without you. You’re  making me a singer! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Danielle Bensky
NYC Dancer

For me it was an open/shut case, I cannot possibly learn to sing at 27 years of age. “Singers” are people that possess the natural talent that has been cultivated since they were like 3 years old or something, right? And then I met Ron Shetler, and he changed my view forever. His approach seemed so simple….follow these easy steps and let your voice find you. Well I did. And IT did!! This man has the secret. Trust him and trust yourself. Because everyone CAN sing.

Jessica Lastoria
NYC Actress

Here’s what you’ll learn and a glimpse of how we’ll do it:

What We’ll Work On

Allowing the air to start first so that the voice is activated with the release of air. This immediately eliminates any struggle or tension in the throat.

Giving the sound full access to the resonating cavities in our chest, throat and head via clean and clear articulation of our “talking on pitch.”

Linking the sound together in an uninterrupted and unimpeded way to create a regular even tone, and to sustain a released through-line of tone on open vowels.

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How We’ll Do It

Daily breathing and vowel exercises open the throat and balance the sound production.

A four-step process that infuses the breathing and vocal exercises into every song you do

Linking exercises as well as an open vowel exercise that develops and sustains a through line of sound


By the program’s end, you will confidently say “I AM A SINGER.”     ACROSTICO A GRACE FRIEND CANELOS

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