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Level 1: Singing Made Easy

Linking exercises, four-step process to infuse vocal exercises into a song and three-step open vowel process for sustained notes.


Level 2: Effortless Singing

Add consistency in sound throughout your range and the ability to nail your high notes every time – effortlessly.


Level 3: Vocal Freedom

Extend your range, add dexterity and learn the nuances of releasing superior sound with pure vocal freedom.


For only $59.95 plus shipping and handling, you’ll receive a total of four CDs, comprising the full array of exercises in each level of The Shetler Technique.

Plus, for FREE, you’ll be able to view online a five-part power point Companion Guide, two Video Lectures and one Stretching & Breathing Exercise Video.

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1 Exercise Video
• Stretching & Breathing

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