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“Couldn’t have done it without you!! REALLY!! All my love!!”


Hey, Ron, thanks for saving my arse!!

Actor/Singer NYC

“Ron. Thanks for all the years of hard work. I owe all my success to you and your dedication! With Love and Thanks!!”

- PAMELA ISAACS Singer/Actress
Tony Nominated for: THE LIFE

“Working with Ron Shetler has opened up my singing capabilities as well as my career in Musical Theatre immensely. When I started studying with Ron, I had all but given up on Musical Theatre. I loved it, but was having so many vocal problems that affected my auditions. My voice would top out a few notes lower than it should.  In 3 months with Ron, I had got my top notes back. I had confidence for auditions. I booked a summer job with two leading roles in big musicals. Then I signed with a large bi-coastal agency through my singing. I recommend working with Ron Shetler to anyone. He is an amazing guiding force in my ongoing pursuit of this wonderful craft.”

Actor/Singer NYC

“Ron Shetler's invaluable training has provided me the tools and confidence I needed to sing and audition well. Growing up as a ballerina, I would see Broadway shows and wish that one day I could do more than dance. Bur singing terrified me. I would get through dance calls only to freeze when asked to sing. Then I met Ron Shetler. Ron completely open my voice and not only taught me the mechanics of singing, but how to connect emotionally and then gave me crucial audition training. Since Ron, I constantly get Broadway callbacks, and I just booked a year-long contract for Disney's Fantasy Cruise. Now I am totally confident in my voice and proud to have such an amazing mentor like Ron Shetler.”

Dancer/Singer NYC


"I moved to New York wanting to pursue musical theatre and focus on getting my voice up to par, but had no idea had to go about it. Luckily, I stumbled upon Ron Shetler who in my opinion is the best voice teacher in New York. I knew after my very first lesson that we were a perfect fit. After working with him for almost a year, my voice and life have changed dramatically. I can belt higher than I ever thought humanly possible. I have extended my range dramatically on both ends. I feel confident that I can pick up any piece of material and nail it. In addition Ron has taught me a sense of ease in my singing that is truly life changing. Learning proper breathing techniques is one thing, but this is so much more than that.  "Who needs therapy, I've got Ron." I now walk into an audition completely confident in my ability, knowing that my big break is just around the corner - And that's all thanks to Ron."

Dancer/Singer/Actress NYC

“I am a singer who was a professional in the business from childhood. I had studied for many years with multiple teachers and techniques but had lost my motivation to sing feeling "locked-up" and anxious every time I would put my vocal talents to the test, auditioning or performing. After years of frustration and vocal problems, I quit altogether. Recently, I resumed my acting career but never dreamed that I could still have the singing career that had elude me all of those years. When I met Ron and began to absorb his practical technique I noticed that I was no longer "locked-up" and singing was all of a sudden fun again! My voice sounds younger and fresher than ever and I am hitting a range that I thought was impossible. Recently, I have had the courage to go to EPA's for musical theatre again and at my very first one the casting director smiled and said "Beautiful'. Thanks Ron, for giving me back my voice.”

Singer/Actress NYC

“Opening night was incredible. I not only received many kudos from all my fellow actors but the casting director for 5th Ave Theatre productions invited me to the callbacks for GUYS AND DOLLS as a direct result of seeing my performance on opening night. Also, the artistic and executive director of the Village Theatre both welcomed me to Seattle and said I was going to take the town by storm and that everyone would know me after this performance. Pretty good. Of course I spent the entire first weekend with a nasty sinus infection but thanks to your awesome technique no one noticed ….people close said I even sounded better than opening night so THANK YOU!!”

Singer/Actor: Seattle

“Ron Shetler Kicks Ass!!  I never thought in a million years I would be singing the way I am now.  In a short time, and only taking a lesson once a month, Ron has helped my voice to develop in ease, tone, depth and become Hot and Edgy!  Being primarily an actor, the hurdles of a musical theatre audition were once terrifying, but now, thanks to Ron, I have developed tools that keep me grounded, confident and true to my voice and talents.  I had always admired singers who could belt, seeing it as something far beyond my reach and now I count myself as one of them and absolutely love it!  Thank you so much Ron, you are a Gift.”

Actress/Singer NYC

“After working with Ron I know more than ever having the right teacher can be the difference between working and not working in this business! I learned more about singing or should I say how not to sing in six months with Ron than in my entire career as a vocal performance major! I can now see a future on Broadway with Ron Shetler in my corner!”

Singer/Actor NYC

“Over the years I have studied with more vocal teachers than I can count – many who were quite good and with which I grew as a singer. However, I've always been somewhat uptight and insecure about my singing abilities. Ron is teaching me a completely different vocal technique – the most relaxed and fun way of singing I've ever experienced – and the kind of results I've longed for but felt were out of my reach. This man is miraculous!!”

Actress/Singer NYC

“For me singing has always been stressful and intimidating – but not since Ron Shetler came into my life! Ron has truly turned me into a more confident singer and performer. He's taken me places with my voice and acting I never knew were possible. Words cannot descried how grateful I am to be working with the BEST vocal teacher in New York City!”

Singer/Actress NYC

“After being diagnosed with VOCAL NODULES, I was terrified I would never be able to sing again and, out of fear and stubbornness, I didn't for ten years. That changed the day I met Ron Shetler. He made me believe, through his calm encouraging words and his brilliantly simple technique, that I could and can sing. And now I do. Words cannot express the gift he has given me. He has given me back my voice”

Actress/Singer NYC

“After years of battling NODULES that were too small to operate on and yet unresponsive to medicine and vocal therapy, I had all but given up on any hopes I had of becoming an actress, much less a singer. Then I met Ron Shetler. After only a handful of lessons with him, my speaking voice became clear, my singing range doubled and I found myself hitting notes I hadn't hit in almost a decade…..effortlessly. Ron taught me that no vocal problem big or small stands in his way. He knows exactly how to treat vocal issues and craft a program unique to each singer. Thanks to Ron, my dreams of signing professionally can now become a reality. My only regret? I wish I had met him sooner!”

Actress/Singer NYC

“I've always loved singing but lacked any professional training. I was worried about finding a great teacher, because I had heard so many mixed reviews about different one. Somehow, through the mish mosh that is all NYC has to offer, I got not only a reference to a voice teacher, but a promise that he's the best this infinite city has to offer! So, me and my type A personality emailed this so called singing guru.  We started consistent practice sessions once a week and, oh my freaking god, my voice is better that had ever previously imagined! Ron Shetler's training isn't just about sound. He watches breathing, lip position and posture and just by tone can tell you EXACTLY what to adjust to fix any problem imaginable! Ron pushes you to your full potential. We were working a song and I pleaded to drop it a step because the belting section went just out of comfort. He straight up said "No, you can sing it". So I skeptically agreed to keep trying. A few weeks late I was not only belting a high E (at least a step and a half higher than I could previously achieve!), but belting it with ease! All of it because Ron knew I could, even though I didn't.”

Singer/Actress NYC

“For me it was an open/shut case… I cannot possibly learn to sing at 27 years of age. And then I met Ron Shetler and he changed my view forever. His approach seemed so simple…follow these easy steps and let your voice find you. Well I did. And IT did. Trust him and trust yourself because everyone CAN sing!”

Actress, NYC

“Ron takes people who think they can't sing and makes singers of them. He takes those that already can and makes better singers out of them without fail. I've seen it! I experienced it. And I will never forget it.”

Actor NYC

“Ron Shetler taught me how to take what I have and turn it into gold. He made me into a more confident performer and for that I will forever be grateful. Before I met him, I never knew what I was capable of doing and he took what I thought was impossible and made it a reality for me. And it wasn't just his technique; he understood me as a person.”

Actress/Singer: TORONTO


“Trust the process! Ron Shetler's approach and training helped me find my own voice and expression. He freed so much life in me as an artist and performer on stage. Priceless!!”

Actress/Singer: STOCKHOLM


“I am very happy to be taking voice lessons with Ron Shetler! He is truly a master and his expertise is helping me to grow by leaps and bounds. Each lesson is different, so I know that he assesses my voice quickly for each lesson and adjusts the exercises accordingly to help me reach my goals. With his supervision, I was able to hit some high notes in a challenging song during our last lesson…which made me giggle….and then brought tears of joy when we finished! I'm very lucky to be studying with Ron!”

Actress/Singer NYC

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